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arrested while in pakistan. there were others arrested in dubai and somalia. we have to have this special forum about the battlefield conditions is a great part of this second rate process that is more about less will go what we are bringing to court. another part of the issue is the senate select committee who has completed their report. and also john mccain and dianne feinstein concluded that torture does not work. and it's a stain on our reputation. i think that it's important that this information is declassified , especially after the premiere of the movie "zero dark thirty." it will do for torture what the movie "jaws" did for sharks. you know, on the 25th of january, john kerry revealed the name of someone who was allegedly involved. talking about torture versus committing torture -- sometimes it seems to make you a hero. they are heroes in the eyes of those who believe that torture works. we are often sending someone to prison and no one has gone to prison for their actions. i mentioned the program where it is a mistake to talk about it and we have a military program that is gover
discusses bill and her commitment to pakistan, senator feinstein described herself as a mayor on a mission. senator feinstein, you had an array of current mayors on a mission spinning with you, ready to do whatever is necessary to make sure this bill becomes a law. let's move forward. thank you. [applause] good afternoon, everyone. thank you very much, senator feinstein. thank you to the colleagues in the senate and the members that are here today in support of this legislation. i'm speaking today on behalf of the major city chiefs cities chiefs association. we are an organization made up of the 63 largest cities in the united states and i have the honor of serving as president of the organization on my way down here, i was on the train i received a call from the executive director of the international association of chiefs of police, which is the largest of all the police organization. unfortunately they could not be here today, but they wanted me to pass on to you their support in this legislation. members and executives, my good friends and chair of the national prevention for gun viole
earlier last year governor perry was asked if you got the phone call and told that terrorist in pakistan had gotten ahold of one of the nuclear weapons? i'm not criticizing him for not knowing how to answer the question. the fact that the question was a plausible one i think says, and i don't know how answer it. my first comment would be i want to know more who has it and what we know. trying to prevent that scenario from happening or be able to deal with it if it happens is important and the cost of the country are almost -- if they were able to set it off. it's not -- we always said possibility of a war with the soviet union was a slow probability. but a serious event to plan for. there are other things like that top. so i come back to my point. the american leadership, which includes diplomacy, very definitely is important for maintaining the relatively peaceful, it's all relative. historically relatively peaceful situation we have in critical part of the world and we would be sorry to lose it. once you lost it it takes huge cost and blood and treasure to get back. i'd say the problem
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3